The Most DC 4th of July Ever

As dawn breaks over the Potomac, Washington DC begins to stir for the most significant day in the American calendar: Independence Day. It’s a day when the city’s pulse matches the tempo of the national anthem, and its streets transform into passages of red, white, and blue. For those living in Crest at Skyland Apartments, this day presents an unparalleled chance to immerse themselves in the celebrations across the nation’s capital. Here are some suggestions on how to fully experience this lively festivity, starting in your own neighborhood and extending beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Kick off the day by paying homage to history at the National Archives.
  • Get into the spirit of the day at the National Independence Day Parade.
  • Take a breather in the middle of the day and cool down in the Crest at Skyland pool.
  • Cap off the day with a bang by watching the fireworks from your balcony or at the National Mall.
  • Sample American cuisine at local restaurants or with a picnic on the Capitol grounds.

Start Your Independence Day Adventure at the National Archives

Experience the birth of American democracy by attending a reading of the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives. This yearly event is a poignant reminder of the nation’s journey. As the words of the founding fathers reverberate, you’ll feel a connection to the very soul of American freedom.

Get there early; the reading starts at 10 a.m., and the steps of the Archives quickly fill with eager listeners. Feel the weight of history as actors in colonial attire deliver the famous document that sparked a nation’s birth. It’s not just a reading; it’s an experience that reverberates with the ideals of liberty and justice.

What You’ll Need for a Pleasant Day Out

  • A water bottle to keep you hydrated under the hot July sun.
  • Comfortable footwear for standing during the reading and walking around the area.
  • A camera or smartphone to snap photos of the memorable moments and impressive monuments.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses!

Experience the Ultimate 4th of July in DC

What would a Fourth of July in DC be without the National Independence Day Parade? Starting at 11:45 a.m., Constitution Avenue becomes a platform for a procession of bands, military units, and floats. The parade is a grand display of American spirit, with participants from all over the country showing off their pride and talents.

A Quick Guide to the National Independence Day Parade

If you want a prime viewing spot, make your way to Constitution Avenue between 7th and 17th Streets NW. Keep in mind that the parade route gets crowded quickly, so it’s best to secure your spot as early as possible. The parade is a great chance to show your patriotic spirit, wave the American flag, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city.

Watching the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps is like taking a trip to the past. Their exact, traditional uniforms and music pay homage to the soldiers of the American Revolution.

Child-Friendly Activities and Educational Exhibits

Among the grandeur of parades and the roar of drums, a treasure trove of educational experiences awaits families. Connect with history through interactive exhibits and re-enactments that make history come alive. Let your kids meet historical figures, or engage in arts and crafts that are both enjoyable and educational. It’s an opportunity to teach the kids about the importance of this day in a setting that’s as fun as it is instructive.

Once the parade is over, why not take a break? Go back to Crest at Skyland Apartments for a quick swim in the pool. It’s the ideal midday pause to chill out, unwind, and get ready for the night’s celebrations.

  • Stop by interactive booths to play colonial games and participate in activities.
  • Interact with actors playing historical figures for a fully immersive experience.
  • Join in on arts and crafts to make your own patriotic keepsakes.

    Shining a Light on the Past: A Visit to Washington DC’s Historic Monuments

The Fourth of July is not just a day for fireworks and barbecues. It’s also a perfect time to visit and reflect on the historic monuments and memorials in Washington DC. These sites provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of what Independence Day truly means.

Exploring the Monuments on Independence Day

As you stroll through the monuments, you’ll feel the presence of the nation’s forefathers and champions. The Jefferson, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. monuments are not just architectural wonders, but also emblematic of the lasting American values of freedom, justice, and democracy.

Pay Homage to the Fallen Heroes at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery serves as a stark reminder of the price of our freedom. Take a moment to honor the memory of those who gave their lives for our nation at this sacred site.

Savoring Independence: Sampling DC’s Food Scene

The Fourth of July in Washington DC is a day filled with long-standing traditions and activities that come together to make the day one to remember. Whether you’re taking in the sights of the parade, taking a dip in the pool to beat the heat, or watching the fireworks display, the most important thing is to live in the moment, celebrate our independence, and have the most DC Fourth of July experience possible.

July 4th is not just about the fireworks, but also about the food. Washington DC’s culinary scene is a rich blend of tastes that reflect the diversity of America.

Here are a few delicious dishes you might want to try:

  • Traditional American BBQ from nearby smokehouses.
  • Summer goodies such as ice cream and watermelon from local farmers’ markets.
  • Food trucks that serve everything from hot dogs to worldwide cuisine.

If you’re staying home, you might want to throw a barbecue in the Crest at Skyland’s grill area or grab some snacks from Lidl or one of the Skyland town center’s fast-casual restaurants.

Traditional American Food and Where to Get It

Along with the fireworks and festivities, the Fourth of July is also about enjoying food with your family and friends. From mouthwatering burgers and hot dogs to apple pies, the city’s restaurants go all out to celebrate America’s birthday.

If you’re looking for a classic 4th of July experience, be sure to check out the local steakhouses and diners that have special menus for Independence Day. They have all the traditional favorites, from barbecue ribs to corn on the cob, to keep you satisfied throughout your festivities. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, many bakeries and ice cream parlors offer patriotic red, white, and blue desserts that are just as picture-perfect as they are tasty.

Remember to check out the food trucks located throughout the city, especially around the National Mall. They’re perfect for a quick meal in between events. These roaming restaurants offer a range of choices, so everyone is sure to find something they like. The scent of grills cooking and the smell of fresh baked goods will make your food journey a sensory delight.

After indulging in some delicious food, recharge by Crest’s gorgeous courtyard pool. Then, it’s time to prepare for the day’s big finale – the fireworks.

A Capitol Fourth: Star-Studded Concerts and Performances

As the day goes on, head over to the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol for ‘A Capitol Fourth.’ This complimentary concert is a yearly tradition that includes performances by famous musicians and the National Symphony Orchestra. It’s a celebration of America’s cultural heritage through the power of music.

Heart-Stirring Performances by Famous Artists

The concert starts at 8 p.m., but if you want a prime spot on the lawn, you’ll have to spend most of your day here. Lay out a blanket, set up a picnic, and sit back as you’re treated to a symphony of patriotic melodies. The combination of the music and the view of the Capitol will create a moving ambiance that will fill you with a sense of national pride.

One of the highlights of the show is the live cannon fire during Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. It always gets the crowd going!

How to Watch the Show

If you’d rather stay at home, you can still watch ‘A Capitol Fourth’ because it’s broadcast live on PBS. So, whether you’re out and about or sitting on your couch, you’ll be able to see one of the best parts of DC’s Fourth of July celebrations.

Fireworks Spectacle Over the Potomac

As twilight descends, the Washington DC skyline transforms into the backdrop for a breathtaking fireworks display. The National Mall, with its striking views of the monuments and the Capitol, is the centerpiece of the evening’s festivities.

Prime Locations for Spectacular Views of the Fireworks

If you decide to go out, the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or the grassy areas near the Washington Monument provide clear views. Get there early to secure your place, as these spots fill up quickly with people excited to see the fireworks.

For a peaceful viewing experience, you might want to watch the fireworks from your own balcony at Crest at Skyland. You’ll have a great view of the city’s skyline and you won’t have to deal with the crowds.

If you want to make this 4th of July one to remember, why not take a cruise on the Potomac River? The views from the boat are unbeatable, and the fireworks reflecting off the water just add to the magic of the night.

And don’t overlook the many rooftop parties and dining establishments that provide a great view – just make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time!

  • The steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the grounds of the Washington Monument are excellent spots to see the show.
  • Residents of Crest at Skyland can view the fireworks from their balconies for a private and cozy experience.
  • Think about taking a Potomac River cruise for a unique way to see the fireworks.
  • Consider rooftop bars and restaurants for a fun and high-up view.

Staying Safe and Following Guidelines for the Fireworks

No matter where you decide to watch the fireworks, staying safe is important. Watch the weather, drink plenty of water, and listen to any directions from local authorities. And most importantly, be considerate of the people around you so everyone can enjoy the festivities.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have questions about how to celebrate the Fourth of July in DC? You’re not the only one! Here’s a useful guide to help you easily navigate the day’s events.

Don’t forget, the secret to a carefree holiday is to plan in advance. By being aware of what’s coming, you can concentrate on the fun and make sure your Independence Day is as vibrant and colorful as the fireworks display.

When Should You Get to the National Mall for the Fireworks?

The fireworks usually start at dusk, which is around 9:00 p.m., but people start to gather at the National Mall early in the day. If you want a good spot to watch the fireworks, you should plan to get there by the late afternoon. Don’t forget to bring a blanket, some food, and a lot of water to stay comfortable while you’re waiting.

But, if you’re viewing from the Crest at Skyland Apartments, you can bypass the crowds completely. Just step out onto your balcony before the show begins for a perfect, stress-free view.

Are There Paid Events for the Fourth of July in DC?

Most Fourth of July events in DC are free and open to the public, but there are also ticketed events if you’re looking for a more private experience. These can include river cruises, rooftop parties, or exclusive museum events.

It’s a good idea to reserve these as soon as possible, as they usually go fast. Stay updated with event schedules and subscribe to newsletters to get the most recent news on ticket availability.

Is It Possible to Visit the Monuments and Memorials on the Fourth of July?

Definitely, the monuments and memorials welcome visitors on the Fourth of July. Actually, touring these places can be especially touching on Independence Day. Just be ready for bigger crowds and increased security measures.

What Should I Bring for a Day of July 4th Festivities in DC?

When preparing for a day of celebrations in DC, think about these must-haves:

  • Bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking around the city.
  • Bring a portable charger to keep your devices charged.
  • Bring a small backpack or bag to carry your things.
  • Bring an umbrella or poncho in case it rains.

Can I Participate in the Fourth of July Parade?

If you want to participate in the National Independence Day Parade, usually only marching bands and performers are invited. But they often need volunteers to help with the event. Visit the parade’s official website for more information on how to participate.

Whether you’re a parade participant or just a spectator, the 4th of July in DC is a celebration that transcends all differences and unites people from all walks of life in the joy of America’s freedom and the promise of its future.

New Year, New Neighborhood: Why Crest Apartments is Perfect for a Fresh Start

Article-at-a-Glance: Crest Apartments

  • Modern one- and two-bedroom apartments with state-of-the-art kitchens.
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Southeast Washington DC with essential services and transportation nearby.
  • Community-focused amenities including a fitness center, pool, and pet-friendly features.
  • Direct access to Skyland Town Center’s retail and dining options.
  • Easy steps to secure your new home for a fresh start in the New Year.

A Fresh Beginning at Crest Apartments

When the New Year rolls around, we often think about fresh starts and new beginnings. What better way to embrace this sentiment than by finding a new place to call home? Crest Apartments, nestled in the thriving Skyland Town Center, offers just that—an opportunity to start anew in a vibrant and modern living space that caters to all your needs.

Elevated Living for Everyone

At Crest Apartments, the focus is on creating an environment that feels like it’s tailored just for you. If you are seeking a change of scenery, these apartments are designed to elevate your living experience. With a variety of floor plans and the latest in-home features, you’ll find the perfect space to make your own.

Connecting You to Your Community

Living at Crest Apartments means more than just enjoying your personal space; it’s about being part of a community. With its prime location, you’re at the hub of both your work and social networks. And because community connection is key, the amenities and shared spaces are designed to bring residents together, fostering a neighborhood feel within the bustling city.

The Perks of Crest Apartment Living

Imagine waking up in a space that’s all your own, where every detail is designed to enhance your lifestyle. That’s what you get with Crest Apartments. Let’s delve into the features that make these apartments not just a place to live, but a place where you can thrive.

Modern Comforts and Conveniences

The apartments at Crest are a testament to modern living, with features that cater to both comfort and convenience. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a contemporary design that’s both stylish and functional.

Contemporary Design

Each apartment boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic with open floor plans that maximize space and natural light. High-quality finishes and attention to detail are evident throughout, from the beautiful flooring to the high ceilings that create an airy and expansive feel.

In-Home Amenities
More square footage than average DC apartment

When it comes to amenities, Crest Apartments doesn’t skimp on the details. Here’s what you can expect inside each unit:

crest at skyland town center living room and open floor plan
  • State-of-the-art kitchens with granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances.
  • Spacious living areas that offer more square footage than the average DC apartment, giving you room to live comfortably and entertain guests.
  • Large windows that not only flood your home with natural light but also offer stunning views of the city.
  • Convenient in-unit washers and dryers, making laundry day a breeze.

Lifestyle Amenities

Beyond the walls of your apartment, Crest provides a range of amenities designed to complement your lifestyle and foster a sense of community.

crest at skyland town center fitness-center

On-Site Fitness Center

Stay active and healthy without ever having to leave home. The on-site fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, catering to all your workout needs.

crest at skyland town center community room

Community Pool and Lounging Areas

Relax and unwind in the community pool or the resident lounging area. These shared spaces provide the perfect setting to socialize with neighbors or enjoy some quiet time outdoors.

The Heart of Skyland Town Center

It’s not just the apartments themselves that make Crest an ideal place to start the New Year; it’s also its location at the heart of Skyland Town Center. This up-and-coming hub is set to be the largest retail development in Southeast Washington, providing residents with unparalleled access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options right outside their door.

Shopping and Dining on Your Doorstep


Imagine having a diverse array of retailers and restaurants just a short walk from your apartment. Skyland Town Center is bringing this convenience to life, with plans for a vibrant mix of shops and eateries that cater to every taste and need. From picking up daily necessities to enjoying a meal out with friends, everything you need is within reach.

Access to Essential Services

But Skyland Town Center isn’t just about leisure and convenience; it’s also about providing residents with easy access to essential services. This means less time commuting and more time enjoying your new home and neighborhood.

Public Transportation Proximity


One of the biggest advantages of living at Crest is the proximity to public transportation. With bus stations and a nearby metro station, getting around the city is a breeze. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the city, you’ll appreciate the easy access to public transit.

Local Healthcare and Education Institutions

Additionally, living at Crest puts you close to several healthcare facilities and educational institutions, ensuring that you have quick access to medical services and learning opportunities. This close-knit community setting means that you’re never far from the help and resources you need.

Community and Connection

Crest Apartments is more than just a place to live; it’s a place where you can connect with others and feel a sense of belonging. The community-centric approach to apartment living ensures that you’re never isolated and always have opportunities to engage with your neighbors.

Resident Events and Networking Opportunities

The management team at Crest Apartments understands the importance of community, which is why they organize regular resident events and networking opportunities. These gatherings are perfect for meeting new people, forming friendships, and strengthening the bonds within the community.

Pet-Friendly Living and Dog Park Access


For those with furry friends, Crest Apartments offers a pet-friendly living environment, complete with access to a dog park. This means your beloved pet can also enjoy the new start with you, making the most of the open spaces and pet amenities available.

Starting the New Year Right

With the New Year upon us, it’s the perfect time to consider making a move to Crest Apartments. With so much to offer, from modern apartments to community amenities and a thriving town center, you’ll be well-positioned to start the year off on the right foot.

To secure your new home at Crest, simply reach out to the leasing office to schedule a tour or inquire about availability. The friendly staff will guide you through the process, ensuring that your transition into your new apartment is as smooth as possible. Remember, starting fresh doesn’t have to be complicated—Crest Apartments makes it easy.

“Crest Apartments isn’t just a place to live; it’s a community that offers a fresh start and connects you to a vibrant lifestyle right in the heart of Southeast Washington DC. With modern amenities, easy access to services, and a focus on community, it’s the perfect place to call home in the New Year.”

Securing Your Apartment at Crest

Ready to make your move? Securing an apartment at Crest is straightforward. First, check the availability for the apartment size and layout that fits your lifestyle. Then, complete an application and submit it along with the required documents, like proof of income and identification. Once approved, you’ll discuss lease terms, make a security deposit, and set a move-in date. The Crest team is there to help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth start to your new chapter.

Making the Move: Simplified Steps

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Start by organizing your belongings and deciding what to take with you. Next, book a reliable moving service or enlist the help of friends. Don’t forget to update your address and transfer utilities to your new apartment. On moving day, do a final walk-through of your old place, then head over to Crest to collect your keys. With a little planning, your move to Crest Apartments will be a breeze.

FAQs About Crest Apartments and Skyland Town Center

Got questions? Here are some frequently asked questions about Crest Apartments and Skyland Town Center to help you get all the information you need.

What are the Renting Terms and Pricing?

Crest Apartments offers various lease terms, typically ranging from 12 to 24 months. Pricing is competitive and reflects the modern amenities and convenient location. One-bedroom apartments start at a price point that is accessible for many, with two-bedroom options available for those needing more space. For the most current pricing and specials, it’s best to contact the leasing office directly.

Keep in mind that rent includes access to all community amenities, and there may be additional fees for parking or storage if applicable. The leasing team will provide a detailed breakdown of costs so there are no surprises.

Are Pets Allowed in Crest Apartments?

Yes, Crest Apartments is a pet-friendly community! Your furry friends are welcome here, with certain breed restrictions and a reasonable pet deposit. The on-site dog park and dog wash station make it easy to care for your pets and keep them happy and healthy.

What Public Transportation Options are Available?

Residents at Crest Apartments benefit from convenient access to public transportation. The community is served by several bus routes, and the nearest metro station is just a short ride away. This connectivity makes it easy to commute to work or explore the city without the need for a car.

Plus, with bike storage available, residents who prefer cycling have a secure place to keep their bikes when not in use, making it easy to enjoy the nearby paths and trails.

How Do Amenities at Crest Apartments Enhance Lifestyle?

The amenities at Crest Apartments are designed to enhance your lifestyle by providing convenience, comfort, and opportunities for social engagement. The fitness center and pool encourage a healthy lifestyle, while the community areas and regular events foster a sense of belonging. The in-unit amenities, such as modern kitchens and spacious layouts, provide a luxurious living experience that makes you proud to call Crest home.

How Can I Schedule a Tour of Crest Apartments?

Scheduling a tour of Crest Apartments is simple. Just call the leasing office or fill out the contact form on the website to request a tour. The friendly staff will accommodate your schedule and show you all that Crest Apartments has to offer. You can also take a virtual tour online if you prefer to explore the community from the comfort of your current home.

During your tour, you’ll see the available apartment options, community amenities, and get a feel for the vibrant Skyland Town Center. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask any questions and envision your life at Crest.

So there you have it—a guide to starting fresh at Crest Apartments in the New Year. With its modern apartments, exceptional amenities, and prime location at Skyland Town Center, Crest offers an unmatched living experience in Southeast Washington DC. If you’re looking for a fresh start, look no further than Crest Apartments—your new home awaits.

Excellent Balcony Design Tips for Your Apartment

Living your best balcony life is easy at Crest at Skyland Town Center

Balcony life is the best life! For anyone that lives in an apartment home with an outdoor space understands this very well. There’s nothing quite like being able to step out and get some fresh air right when you wake up or having a quaint setting to be able to entertain family and friends whenever they visit. A balcony is an expansion of your living space, which means it requires just as much if not more design thought than went into the indoor portion of your apartment. At Crest at Skyland Town Center Apartments, we know a thing or two about balcony life. We offer a wide variety of balcony-style floor plans that give our residents a perfect opportunity to express their outdoor creativity. Whether you already have a balcony space in your apartment or looking to get one soon, you must know the elements of making your outdoor space as inclusive as possible. Below is our curated list of some great ways to begin creating a balcony aesthetic that you can be proud of; having an outdoor space that you never want to leave no matter what season we’re in is the goal. Use these essential balcony tips to get started today! 

balcony at crest

1. Add something cozy to step on.

One of the best ways to start your balcony design journey is by adding a soft flooring area. An outdoor rug or a turf placement instantly turns your outdoor space into an outdoor living room. There is something special about being able to step out to your balcony bare-footed on a Friday night or early Saturday morning and embrace the soft footing while enjoying incredible views. 

2. Lights, Lights, and More Lights.

Decorating your balcony in lights is a fantastic way to add a glow to your outdoor space. There are various light color options you can utilize to add a pop to your balcony paradise. When it gets dark outside, the intimate setting the lights create will make you want never to come inside! 

3. Greenery goes a long way.

Adding some greenery will always add a warm personality to your outdoor space! When you engulf yourself in some of your favorite plants, you turn your balcony into a place of serenity and peace. When shopping for outdoor plants, make sure you keep an eye out for outdoor-specific plants. Having plants made for an outdoor setting will save you a lot of time in plant maintenance. 

4. Outdoor Balcony Furniture, of course.

Having some kind of furniture on your balcony is a must! We know that balconies come in all different shapes and sizes. Whatever size your balcony is, be sure to get some outdoor furniture that will mix well with the dimensions of your outdoor setting, whether they’re small chairs with a table to match, larger recliner chairs, or even a couch. Creating a relaxed atmosphere on your balcony will serve you well in your apartment living experience. 

5. Think outside of the box.

One of the best things about your balcony space is that it’s not the first thing people see when they walk in. What does this mean? This means you have the green light to think outside of the box in your design process. Get crazy with color selections, get some super exotic plants, add a hangable picture. Whatever comes to your mind, do it! And then do it again! There’s no such thing as regrets when it comes to putting together your outdoor space. 

At Crest at Skyland Town Center, we offer great balcony floor-plan options that will make apartment living as enjoyable as you need it to be. Click here to check out our availability for our balcony-style options. 

5 Easy Plants to Grow This Spring Season

Another Spring season in DC is here! And the time to decide which plants you want to grace your apartment home with this season begins now. If you are like most apartment dwellers, this is also the time of year where you begin to face the harsh reality that while having plants inside of your apartment home sounds nice, it can be hard to keep them alive at times.

But we’re here to tell you to, pick your chin up, stop your worrying, break out that seed starter, and put on those plant gloves because this is the season that you are going to grow and maintain those apartment plants successfully! And your Crest family is here to help!

One of the most common reasons why renters’ have trouble successfully maintaining the plants inside of their apartments is because of lack of time. Between work and social life, residents find that there are very few hours left in a day to give their plants the attention they need. Another main reason is remembering to apply the proper upkeep required for the plants to be able to thrive during the season.

So, what is the best way to combat maximizing your time and your memory?

Grow plants that don’t require as much attention!

Now, there are a countless number of “easy to maintain” plants out there, but we have taken the liberty of creating a list of five of our favorite, “low maintenance” plants for your Spring season.

We hope that this is the year that you will be able to overcome your plant growing slump, and officially obtain your green thumb!

Happy planting!


Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is the most ideal plant for the people who don’t have a lot of growing experience. 

These plants can be grown in low light and only need to be watered occasionally.

The Snake plant also has a beautiful design that enhances everything in the room. Owners also love this plant because it also removes toxins from the air. All of these things make it a perfect starter plant for any apartment home. 

Your visitors will surely want to mimic your apartment-style once they see this plant standing tall in your apartment.

Spider Plants

The Spider plant is easily one of the most popular houseplants. People gravitate to this plant because of its toughness, ease of growing and maintenance.

This plant quickly adapts to almost any condition making suitable to display on your private balcony.

Be sure to keep the plant in a bright spot and maintain slight moisture in the soil, and it will grow happily!

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is among the most natural plants to grow indoors.

The Peace Lily can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions and only needs moderate watering.

You will love the Peace Lily’s curved leaves and white flowers. This ultimately gives the plant an exotic and elegant look.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your apartment this Spring season, this Peace Lily will immediately add a beautiful look to your residence. 

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a beautiful and natural plant to grow.

Provide it abundant water, and it’ll grow well even in indirect light. People love this plant because of its sturdy nature.

Protect the plant from cold drafts and provide iron fertilizer occasionally. Once full-grown, this plant will add a classic look to your apartment this season, and many seasons going forward.

Succulents and Cacti

Succulents and Cacti are ideal for those who tend to forget to water and care for plants.

These plants are very adaptable and can survive many adverse conditions.

They simply need to be placed on a bright spot with well-drained soil and a little water.

This plant is perfect for residents who have a balcony in their apartment home!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

Winter is a thing of the past, and Spring is finally here! Along with warmer weather and cherry blossom season, the time to begin your spring cleaning is here. For renters this is an exciting opportunity to get a fresh jump on sprucing up your apartment at the front end of the new year!

We know that cleaning and organizing your apartment sounds fantastic, but we also understand that it requires time and energy that a lot of you reading this might not have an overabundance of in your everyday lives.

For this reason, we’ve decided to overview three time-efficient cleaning tips to make getting your apartment clean super easy just in time for the spring season! 


 Cleaning your apartment can be broken down into what we call, “The Big 3” – The kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. These are generally the areas of the apartment that are used the most and are going to take the longest to clean; this makes it super important that these areas are addressed first. Studies show that cleaning at least 1 of these three areas makes the most visual difference in the cleanliness of your apartment.

Cleaning is already exhausting enough as it is, don’t make it any harder by tasking yourself with cleaning every closet, nook, and cranny inside of your apartment in a single day. If you’re short on time, break down the significant 3 areas of your apartment as you see fit, and tidy up accordingly.


 A big factor in organizing your apartment home is knowing when to part ways with additional materials that create clutter; this means trashing the mountain of junk mail, old receipts, and even older grocery lists laying on all of your counter surfaces.

Doing this is a fast and effective way of cleaning your apartment when you’re in a time crunch. You will quickly find that having less clutter makes your apartment home feel more open and most importantly cleaner.

So, say goodbye to clutter, and hello to spring clean!


 The smell of your apartment home matters when it comes time to freshen up. We all know that it’s unsettling when your apartment is a disaster area, but it’s even worse when the smell of your apartment matches the look.

Instead of adding insult to injury, try adding in a scent like a candle, a scented plug-in, or an essential oil diffuser to your cleaning process when you’re short on time. In no way are we saying a clean smell makes up for a messy apartment, but the aroma of your place goes a long way when you don’t have hours to deep clean your apartment.

Cleaning will always be a process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult process.

Featured Apartment Floor Plans at Crest

There are only thirty days until springtime 2022 is upon us and we think spring is the best time to move into a new apartment home! We have two fantastic featured floor plans you can’t miss if you are out apartment hunting.

Crest at Skyland Town Center offers spacious one and two-bedroom apartments equipped with custom style backsplashes, updated kitchen features, wood laminate flooring, and more! The Crest community offers you a gorgeous pool, two-story fitness center, 24-hour concierge, dedicated resident parking garage, dog park, and a resident clubroom. You also have the convenience of a friendly 24-hour, on-site management team to assist with maintenance in your new home.

Just outside Crest’s front door, Skyland Town Center is open for business! You can check out DC’s only drive-thru Starbucks, Roamin Rooster restaurant and their delicious custard milkshakes, and easy conveniences like CVS and Chase Bank.

But when choosing an apartment home, we know the most important factor is if the floorplan will work for you and your lifestyle. Featured below are two of our favorites. Apply for either of these floor plans by March 20th and get up to one-month free.

Take a look!

Crest One-Bedroom B1

This one-bedroom apartment is the ultimate in efficient living! The apartment has a stackable washer and dryer that you can access from the hallway. The bedroom is large enough for a queen-size bed and it has a walk-in closet. The living area is highlighted by four windows letting in natural light. The kitchen area features upgraded appliances including a microwave, dishwasher, electric stove, and refrigerator. Also, note the custom-styled cabinets and the tile backsplashes.


Crest Two-Bedroom 2I

This popular two-bedroom apartment floor-plan boasts two full-size balconies both located in the kitchen/living area. This corner apartment is bathed in natural light. Residents will enjoy upgraded appliances, wood laminate flooring, and sleek tile backsplashes.

Each bedroom includes a full-size size walk-in closet and an adjacent bathroom. The bedrooms are split by the living space, allowing for some privacy. The apartment is equipped with a full-size washer and dryer. There are lots of thoughtful touches like the lighted art niche in the entryway. The 1100+ square feet of this apartment allows for endless flexibility in its design.


Roamin Rooster Opening

Crest residents, the wait is over.

Roaming Rooster, the wildly popular fried chicken restaurant, opens its Skyland Town Center location on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022, 1pm.

And on Friday, Feb. 11, the drive-through Starbucks at Skyland (the first in DC!) will start serving at 5:30 am.

Not only is this the first Roaming Rooster to open east of the Anacostia River, it’s the first branch to launch a homemade custard milkshake program!

So come for the chicken and shakes, and also a DJ, merchandise and gift card giveaways and free food samples.

The Black-owned, Washington-based business started in 2015 as a food truck operating in the District; the family parlayed its loyal following into a brick-and-mortar operation in 2018, since then opening DC locations in Tenleytown, U Street, Western Market and Woodridge.

New Openings at Skyland Town Center

A new year is bringing many new, exciting events to Skyland Town Center!

On January 8 we welcomed DC Mayor Bowser, and city and community leaders to the groundbreaking of the Lidl grocery store. Lidl, recently ranked a top 3 U.S. grocer by USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards, will be the first full-service supermarket serving residents in Wards 7 and 8 to open in more than a decade.

Lidl offers an award-winning assortment of fresh, high-quality products including produce, a fresh bakery, beef poultry, and fish, as well as a wide array of non-food household products that drop in stores on a weekly basis.

The supermarket anticipates opening in the fall of 2022.

Very soon residents of The Crest and our neighbors will be able to get their caffeine fix at the Skyland Town Center Starbucks, which is expected to open in early February. It will be the first drive-through Starbucks in Washington, DC.

Folks craving a hot chicken sandwich will soon be getting their wish, as we look forward to the winter opening of Roaming Rooster. The DC-based restaurant, which started as a food truck, has a well-deserved reputation for its chicken options and, now, breakfast biscuits.

And if looking good is on your list of resolutions, Like That barbershop will soon be your stop for getting that stylish cut. The barbershop has been serving families east of the Anacostia River for more than 30 years, and is making a short trip across Good Hope Road to reopen at Skyland, anticipated by early February.

There’s much more to come this year at Skyland Town Center – so watch this space to keep track of new announcements.

Best Running Trails in DC

With the new year comes new resolutions. Amongst the top resolutions, each year is getting in shape. Running is one of the easiest, most accessible ways to start your fitness journey and DC is one of the most beautiful places to run.

What better way to accomplish your fitness goals than a run on one of DC’s various running trails? If you’re a person who already loves a good outdoor run or a person who’s looking to start incorporating outdoor running/walking for the first time, DC’s trails are perfect for a person of any experience level. So get your best running gear, and get ready to break a sweat because we’re going to overview some of our favorite running trails in DC.

Rock Creek Park:

Rock Creek Park is one of the most popular locations to enjoy a nice weekend jog. And this is for a good reason! Their paved, mostly flat roads make Rock Creek Park a pleasant and comfortable experience for all runners, walkers, and bikers. If you’re looking for a location to escape the hustle and bustle of normal DC life, Rock Creek Park is the ideal place to take a step back to enjoy some of the sweet, calming nature sounds. 

Anacostia Riverwalk:

The 20-mile long Anacostia Riverwalk trail located in Capitol Riverfront DC is an excellent location for individuals who enjoy mesmerizing views of the Anacostia River during their run. As a runner, this allows you to get the best of both worlds. You can capture all of your fitness goals, as well as achieve your peace of mind by cooling down while you take in 360-degree views of the unblocked views of the District. 

National Mall:

It’s every runners’ dream to punch in a mile or two in at the famous National Mall. If you’ve ever been to the Mall as a tourist, you know that you can easily spend hours exploring and taking pictures. But as a runner of The National Mall, your fitness goals are right at the palm of your hands. Jog down the long, paved walks of the Mall then sprint up Lincoln Memorial steps only to be rewarded by breath-taking views of the National Monument. 

For the best National Mall running experience, start your run early in the morning. This morning run will allow you to enjoy some peaceful isolation time. 

Mt. Vernon Trail:

The Mount Vernon Trail is a prime location for runners! This isolated 18-mile trail winds alongside the Potomac River, and offers some of the best-uninterrupted views of Washington, DC’s skyline. While exploring The Mount Vernon Trail, runners will have the opportunity to experience different wooded areas, parks, and historic neighborhoods, such as nearby Old Town Alexandria.

Embassy Row:

Embassy Row caters to the runners’ that don’t mind taking on a new running challenge. The terrain of this running trail is elevated. This uphill factor puts your running experience to the test and adds another layer to your workout. 

Once overcoming that obstacle, the reward for runners’ is very much worth it. The Embassy row trail features some of the most gorgeous, grandest, most historic homes you will ever see. Runners’ will also pass by countless embassies, over Rock Creek Park, and by the US Naval Observatory. 

There are so many running trails you have access to as a DC resident. Take advantage of living in this beautiful city and keep yourself distracted while you log those miles!  Cold weather running not your thing? Save this post for spring and use the treadmills in Crest Apartment’s beautiful two-level fitness center.

5 New Year Resolutions You Can Accomplish at Crest

Crest is the perfect place to accomplish all of your new year aspirations.

The New Year is here, which means it is time for a fresh set of goals, otherwise known as, “New Year Resolutions”. The challenge with the new year is finding the time and motivation to move down that checklist.

To help you out with the time and convenience piece, we have curated a list of 5 New Year Resolutions you can accomplish right from the comfort of your own apartment community.

Get in Shape

The number one New Year Resolution on everyone’s list is fitness. What separates Crest at Skyland Town Center residents from the rest of the pack is that you have access to a free, fully equipped, two-level fitness center right in your community! Any fitness goal you’re hoping to reach this year is attainable with an endless list of fitness equipment including, stationary bikes, yoga mats, multiple treadmills, dumbbells, and more!

Take your fitness goals seriously this New Year inside the Crest fitness center.

Be More Social

The year tends to move very quickly. If you’re working for a living like everyone else, it’s easy to lose track of your social life. Don’t let that become you in 2020; at Crest, we have multiple areas in the building that are perfect for hosting an event or two. These include our resident lounge area and clubroom, television room, and a few outdoor spaces. It’s as easy as going to the front desk to reserve your date and time.

So, throw that viewing party, Super Bowl Party, Paint and Sip, or whatever else you have in mind to take your social life up a notch in the new year.

Enjoy The Outdoors

If one of your New Year Resolutions is to get out more, we have the perfect amenity spaces for that too! If you’re not enjoying the ideal weekend overlooking the beauty of DC from one of our apartment balconies this Spring and Summer, then you’re doing something wrong!

If you’re looking for more of a quiet outdoor space, our courtyard area is a prime location for an excellent book while enjoying your favorite drink. Remember that enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to mean hiking or running, sometimes it’s merely getting outside of your four walls.

Swim More

Even though we are in January, the warm season is not as far you think. Sooner than later, the Crest pool will be open! Remember last year when you said you want to get into the water more next year? That year is this one.

 Find some time to enjoy a sweet dip from the comfort of your apartment community on our courtyard pool this year.

Shop Local

With many local restauranteurs moving into Skyland Town Center, supporting local businesses has never been easier! Learn about all the retailers that will soon be Crest at Skyland Town Center neighbors.

Giving Tuesday: Places in D.C. to Donate Clothing this Winter Season

Donate your unwanted, lightly worn clothing this winter season

The winter is season is here! As you prepare to get out some of your new winter gear, don’t forget to donate some of your older, lightly worn cold season clothing to a local donation center near you. When you donate the clothing you’re making a pathway for someone else less fortunate to stay warm for the next few months. At Crest at Skyland Town Center Apartments, we believe in making an impact throughout the DC community, and that will always mean supporting each other. Visit one of the donation centers listed below and give someone the gift of warmth and security this holiday season.

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CENTRAL UNION MISSION (65 Massachusetts Avenue NW) is receiving donations of men’s, women’s, and children’s winter coats of all sizes from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. daily. You can leave donations with front desk attendants who can also help with unloading items if needed. Staff members also provide donors with a form for tax purposes, as well as thank-you bags. 

THRIVE DC (1525 Newton St NW) is accepting gently used winter coats, hoodies, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets, and sleeping bags, as well as new underwear, thermals, and socks. Items can be dropped off at the organization’s headquarters between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thrive will distribute items to clients on December 2, January 13, and February 3. People can also donate by purchasing items from the organization’s Amazon Wish List.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES (2811 O Street, SE) is accepting new and gently used, cleaned coats—larger sizes are especially needed. The organization is also taking new packages of socks. People can bring donations directly to the coat closet at St. Francis Xavier Church on December 10 and January 14, as well as two other locations during designated times.

MARTHA’S TABLE (2114 14th Street NW) is collecting winter clothing and cold-weather gear including hats, scarves, thermals, sleeping bags, and more to be distributed on its mobile food truck and at its two Martha’s Outfitters thrift store locations. 

BUILDING BRIDGES/WC SMITH. You still have time to donate to the WC Smith/Building Bridges Across the River coat drive for cold-weather outerwear for children. The coats will be distributed during the WCS/Building Bridges Holiday Bazaar for Villages of Parklands residents on December 11. A registry has been created at Target for easy purchasing, or individuals can contribute from the vendor of their choice. You can sign up to participate here. Coats for older kids are, particularly in need. Coats should be delivered by Dec. 6. 

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